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Smooth Jazz Jams is very established throughout the entire world. With over 97 world Artists’ endorsements, we strive to play the music that reaches all places, whether in Paris, Japan, Greece, UK, Africa, Jamaica, or Mexico and more; we get all.

Our genre is primarily smooth jazz. However, we play coffee house, chill lounge, and any genre that feels and sounds good. It is like food in most cases. If it is good enough for the chef, then it is good enough for the diners.

Music is the best therapy that is free to listen. And with all the earth crisis we face today, we should stay away from all the toxic information with the news network. It is less informative and more disruptive. It causes conflict, chaos, and separation.

Most of our songs are wordless. Even so, the ones with lyrics have messaging that is pure, positive, and without negativity.

Music makes you relax. It is not hard, loud, and the rhythm is not monogamous. Let us preference this by saying smooth jazz relaxes you.

Our music does not carry the same loud beat and lyrics that are offensive, especially to women we highly regard. A large percentage of our listeners are women.

One of the things we like most about smooth jazz is this. There may be several instruments. You may have the piano, guitar, bass guitar, drums, percussions, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, flute, and more. These instruments play different sounds, notes, and tones, yet it is in harmony and sync.

A critical point. What if we as humans be together as mentioned about the various instruments? We come into the world with different backgrounds, skin color, talents, wealth, education, and stories to tell. And, at a smooth jazz concert, sporting events, no matter the players, all kinds of people attend and cheers, high fiving hugging, and when the games and events are over, we allow political issues separate us. How can we be in the arenas, work together and play together and hate? Is it hate, or is it insecurity? Perhaps it is like a spoiled child. When something does not go their way, they act out. Hmmm, get my drift?

It is time for us to get off the hamster wheel of hate. If we can have common ground in things we love, why can’t we love each other?

We have personally stopped viewing the news. Why? Because we have one mind that thinks two ways. Positive, harmful, right, or wrong, good and bad. And that one mind does not have the ability on its own to control those thoughts. Our minds are like sponges; what we see, what we hear, especially on TV, we take it in and absorb it. And watching the news is controlling our minds. Before we awaken in the morning, our minds are 75 percent negative thinking.

We must feed our minds with positive thoughts. However, self-awareness is essential as anything you detect, you can correct. The only way this will happen is through controlling our thoughts, and when we experience negative thoughts, talk to our minds, and say mind, we do not need to think this way. Why am I judging this person or people? I do not even know them.

Suffice this to say, by staying away from the news and tuning in to Smooth Jazz Jams, your day will be brighter, healthier, and loving. MUSIC MATTERS!



While it is good to hear old nostalgic tunes, we know you’ve got to have new music to get it accurate.

The significant part of new music is that you will be amazed at the world of artists that you did not know existed until you listened to Smooth Jazz Jams.

We pride ourselves on most Fridays as CEO Jerome spins fresh cuts that only he discovers.

If you want to be up to date with new music, tune in, especially on Fridays.




Smooth Jazz Jams Is A Network Of The Platform To Enjoy The Number One Rated Music Source. SJJ Network Has Channels On Fire Stick In New York And The World, Roku TV, Samsung Smart TV, Alexa, Google Home Action, Smartphone Apps & Smoothjazzjams.Com. Please Tune In To Listen To Unmatched World Music 24/7, Where Over 97 Artists Have Endorsed Us. With Over 6 Million Yearly Listeners, We Guarantee You Will Like Us Too!

Smooth Jazz Jams Radio TV Is A Result Of Jerome Barkum, Former New York Jets During The Joe Namath Era. It Is Jerome’s Vast Musical Knowledge That Motivated Him To Proceed With The Best Tunes Since 2013.

Since 1972 Jerome Has Been Discovering And Introducing Artists And Music To Family And Friends. His Ability To Hear All Kinds Of Music No Matter The Genre Is Unrivaled. ” We Know There Are Two Factors That Impede Most Music Lovers From Discovering New Music. One Most Of Us Are Stuck In Our Past And Not Open To New Music. The Other Factor Is, We Want To Learn More About New Music, Yet Cannot Know How To Find It”, Jerome Says. Jerome Is A Musical Enthusiast In Knowing Great Music When He Hears It. As Millions Of Listeners Worldwide Are Avid Listeners To SJJ, We Ask That You Stay Tuned In And Enjoy The Great Sound Of SMOOTH JAZZ JAMS. Our Visual Platforms Display Images That Are Matchless To Any Other Channels The Same. They Are Transparent With Huge Photos. It Is As If You Are Watching Good Music On Your Television Station In HD



Did you know that we probably would not have the talent of Gerald Albright, Dave Koz, Michael Lington, Kim Waters, or any other sax players had it not been for one man?  His name is Adolphe Sax. A back story on Adolphe. He was a sickly boy.

He swallowed a needle, drank sulfuric acid., We are not sure if this happened in an emergency to push the pin through his throat; he Fell face-first on a hot skillet. Hey, in the case as history has it, it was meant to be.

It was meant to be to make the many saxophone players the world over prosperous and famous- it was meant to be to bring people together, it was meant to be to educate our children. We bet you diamond to donuts; we all know someone as a kid who played saxophone.

We take pleasure in providing the saxophone artists with a particular time slot so you and we can genuinely appreciate Adolphe’s reed instrument invention.



Why so many genres? We have a mix of musical genres because it sounds good.
Jerome’s philosophy is this. If it sounds good, we will feature it. It is evident in the world of artists we have introduced to our listeners. We strive to play nothing but the best-unmatched music.



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