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Affordable Advertising?

 Are you looking for Affordable Advertising? We are a boutique publishing Channel on Fire TV and Roku TV with a demographic age of 35-65, high earners an educated. Our model is designed to provide you total access as a single brand on our Channels.

  • Have you ever thought about marketing to a built-in demographic, ages 35-65? Have you considered less money spent and less investment satisfactorily to reach an audience?
  • Did you know that there is no guarantee that people will see or view your ads and commercials, whether on social media, television, billboards, or magazine? 
  • If we told you your brand would not be pushed on viewers just pulled as it's like dropping a baited hook in the water as with fishing, will you believe it will work? Well, our catch is smooth jazz. More than this, we understand human nature, and we know branding better than anyone. Here are the premise and backbone of our business model. If someone sees a brand repeatedly, they will respond. The eyes go top left on the screen initially. But here's the Coup de Gras, every time they come to hear smooth jazz, now what will they see? If you said your brand, you are correct. 
  • Now, if we told you that we guarantee 100% that your brand will be seen by millions 24/7, will you believe me?
  • What if we told you we would provide your brand with a network to reach annually over 6 million views? How does this sound so far? Well, I've got some exciting news?
  • By sending us a logo image, size 1500 x 634-pixel png, and another image 600x600-pixel png to our ads team member to, we will perform our best practice "SHOW & TELL" so you can make a clear informed decision to brand your product. Sounds good?
  • Do you want to be the only brand on our channels? Call today (850) 424-1772